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Golden Fernn Contribute to our customer's success by expanding existing markets & exploring new territories through content, creative & promotion services to bridge cultural and language gaps.
 Golden Fernn Mission We strive to:
* Deliver high performance content, creative and promotion services
 * Exceed customer expectations, not mere customer satisfaction
* Ensure our prices are comparable to freelancers
* Listen to our customers and be honestly genuine in our communication
* Ensure diversity and individual growth opportunity at the workplace

Core Value: Offer Legitimate & ethical solution to contribute to customer's success at freelancer's prices and create growth opportunities for contributing team members


Our lifeblood is people; people with ideas, people with the ability to find compelling insights and solutions, people that clients and business associates like to be with. We are passionate about our work and pursue excellence in all that we do. We nurture our people to be peak performers. To love what they do. And to do it better.

Our people are highly diverse in their skill-sets and specializations. That's most evident in our seniors, who hail from backgrounds as diverse as marketing, advertising, industry, public relations. Thanks to their varied capabilities, they can offer niche skills appropriate to a wide variety of clients. At the same time, you'll find them united in key values. Such as placing a premium on knowledge, data, and information in all its forms. Understanding the unique aspects of every client and every task rather than thinking generally.

 Working with a sense of personal accountability for the outcome of every campaign. Building close relations with clients, from an 'insider' perspective. And remaining committed to their long-term interests. We believe that success is achieved through a 'client-agency' partnership based on integrity, transparency and trust. And our people, as true partners, are committed to achieve results in every assignment.


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